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Anti-blue Light Glasses

Anti-blue Light Glasses

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Anti-blue light computer glasses are an innovative solutions to the potentially harmful effects of blue light. As a society we are all exposed to blue light daily. Whether at the office or at home, we frequently spend hours staring into a computer screen. Not to mention the amount of time most people spend looking at their cellular device.  The blue light blocking glasses ensure that users are protected from the digital eye strain. Blue blocking glasses help reduce:

Eye discomfort

Sleep disturbances

Macular degeneration


Product Details:
Frame material: full frame metal glasses
Style: full frame
Glasses style: square
Product category: flat mirror
Frame color: C1 bright black/silver/anti-blue light, C2 leopard print/anti-blue light, C3 upper black and lower leopard print/anti-blue light, C4 red/anti-blue light, C5 beige/anti-blue light, C6 blue/anti-blue light, C7 rainbow Frame/Anti Blue Light,C8 Upper Khaki Lower Leopard/Anti Blue Light,C9 Bright Black/Gold/Anti Blue Light

Package Contents:
Alloy glasses frame X1

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