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Cord Winder

Cord Winder

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Cord Winder (Self-Adhering)


Are you tired of constantly dealing with tangled cords and cluttered spaces in your home or office? Say goodbye to the frustration with our Cord Winder! This innovative product is designed to keep all your cords neat and organized, making your life easier and your space more visually appealing.

🔌 FEATURES: Our Cord Winder has a slim design that can easily adhere to the back of most corded devices, making it a discreet and convenient solution for cord management. The heavy duty 3M double sided tape ensures that even heavy duty appliance cords are securely held in place. Plus, it can be easily removed without leaving any messy residue behind.

🔌 SPECIFICATIONS: - Slim design for easy attachment - Heavy duty double sided tape - Removable without leaving residue.

🔌 HOW IT WORKS: Simply attach the Cord Winder to the back of your device and wrap the cord around it. The strong adhesive will keep the cord in place, eliminating any tangles or mess.

🔌 FAQ:

Q: Can the Cord Winder be used for all types of cords? A: Yes, it can be used for any type of cord, from phone chargers to power cords for appliances.

Q: Will the adhesive damage my device? A: No, our Cord Winder uses a strong adhesive that can securely hold cords without damaging the device. Say goodbye to unsightly cords and hello to a clutter-free space with our Cord Winder. Don't wait any longer, get yours today and make annoying cord management a thing of the past!

Product information:

Material: Silicone
Features: Storage
Color: black, white, grey
Can be applied to a curved surface

Packing list:

Cord holder*10PCS

Product Image:


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