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The "Nuker" Stun Pen

The "Nuker" Stun Pen

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The "Nuker" Stun Pen

Tactical Self-Defense pen 

Are you looking for a discreet yet powerful self-defense tool?

Look no further than the Nuker Self-Defense Pen. With its compact and lightweight design, this device may resemble a standard pen, but it packs a punch like no other mini stun gun on the market.

With just a test-fire into the air, potential attackers can be deterred, giving you peace of mind in uncertain situations.

Designed with women's safety in mind, this pen can easily be concealed in a backpack, purse, or pocket, ensuring quick access to reliable self-defense.

And with a built-in plug for easy charging, you won't have to worry about constantly replacing costly batteries. The high-quality internal battery has a remarkable battery life of 30-45 days on a single charge, making this pen a steadfast guardian against potential threats.


👊 Built-in electric shock for self-defense

🔦 LED light for added visibility and safety

🔋 Rechargeable battery with power display

👜 Compact and lightweight for easy concealment

💪 Powerful enough to deter potential attackers with just a test-fire


- Weight: 90g

- Functions: LED light, Electric shock

- Power display

- Charger: USB

- Material: Stainless steel


1. To activate the stun gun, simply slide the safety switch to the "on" position.

2. Press the shock button to test-fire into the air or use in self-defense.

3. The LED light can be turned on by pressing the button on the opposite end of the pen.

4. To charge, plug the USB charger into the built-in plug and connect to a power source.


Q: Is this pen suitable for all ages?

A: This pen is recommended for adults only.

Q: How long does the battery last on a single charge?

A: The battery can last 30-45 days on a single charge, depending on usage.

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