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Portable Door Jammer Lock Brace

Portable Door Jammer Lock Brace

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This unique and portable door security device is perfect for people who need a little privacy and peace of mind!

The  Portable Door Jammer Lock Brace  is designed to jam the door shut and make yourself totally secure and private.

The perfect device for security and home safety during your sleep, wanting a time alone for studying, going on a vacation, or simply just wanting a little privacy inside your room. Can be installed on any door in just seconds and completely compatible with any door and flooring. It is very portable so you can bring one with you to secure your stay in a hotel or a guest room. Your own security inside your house or room starts at the doorstep so keep yourself and your family secured with this unique device.

  • Enjoy privacy and personal security
    . Wherever you might be, you need to keep yourself secure. This portable door jammer barricades the door to keep you safe wherever you are.
  • Widely compatible . This device can easily be installed in just seconds to any type of doors and flooring. It has an innovative system of hinges and angles that anchors the door jammer firmly in the floor especially when an outside pressure is exerted towards the door.
  • Easy to install . You won’t need any wrench or tools to install this device. It can also be easily removed in case of emergency.
  • Secure and adjustable . Its adjustable neoprene extension foot needs only 0.3-inch of clearance and can be used with doors that have high thresholds. Now you can sleep soundly inside your dorm or hotel room.
  • Portable and lightweight . Its handy and mobile design makes it easy to take with you inside your bag or pockets. A great device to provide extra security when staying in a hotel or guest room.


  • Installation form: floor mounted
  • Material: alloy/iron
  • Control method: manual
  • Structure: standard type
  • Weight: 0.32 kg.
  • Old model size :  90*120*40mm
  • New size:

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x  Portable Door Jammer Lock Brace




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