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Heat-Resistant Non-slip Sleeve For Cookware

Heat-Resistant Non-slip Sleeve For Cookware

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Save 15% on your 1st order sitewide! Have you ever grabbed a hot handle and didn't perceive how hot it was until it was too late? Quickly grabbing and moving hot cookware leads to greater injury as the cookware is dropped shortly after the burn is perceived by the brain. This leads to direct or secondary burns from splatter. Not all cookware comes with insulating material to decrease the transfer of heat to the hand, commonly stainless steel cookware. Our high quality heat-resistant silicone sleeves for cookware are easy to apply and have long lasting durability to withstand multiple cleaning cycles. The texture of the silicone makes cookware easy to grip with wet or slippery hands, further reducing the likelihood of spills and injury. These inexpensive, high quality sleeves can make the difference between unwanted spills or injury. Costing less than $20 vs $100 ER copay, these sleeves pay for themselves. Try them out today!  We offer FREE shipping and a quality guarantee on all of our products, backed by our 30-day no hassle guarantee.


Product information:
Color: small size, medium, large
Material: Silicone
Type: insulation sleeve
Features: non-slip

Packing list:
Heat shield X1
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